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Many of us are worried about memory loss. And we often fear getting Alzheimer’s disease, especially when there is a family history.

Alzheimer’s robs its victims of their very humanity, memories, and the ability to live full and independent lives. A diagnosis or genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease no longer means giving up hope. In many cases, Alzheimer’s disease associated decline can be reversed.

Science and research are advancing rapidly. We know a lot today about identifying and reversing the effects of cognitive decline in those with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Center for Brain Health is keeping up with these advances. We are now conducting an Observational Study to reverse symptoms of cognitive decline in patients with early to moderate Alzheimer’s disease based on a protocol now in clinical trials world-wide.

The Study is focused on modifying and reducing lifestyle factors that place the brain at risk while increasing factors that are known to protect the brain.

“ As a neurologist I have had little to offer my patients with Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline. Leading this observational study gives me the opportunity to apply a brand-new protocol, designed by a leading Alzheimer’s disease specialist and researcher, that can hopefully help my patients while advancing the current knowledge through clinical studies ”
— Dr. Julio Cantero - Neurologist - Lead Investigator

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