Brain science and research are advancing rapidly and there is a lot we know today about Alzheimer’s disease, other types of dementia, and improving brain performance and or preventing and stabilizing cognitive impairment.

In the last decade, researchers have also increased their focus on delaying – with interventions that modify or reduce the risk factors associated with the disease – the onset and/or severity of Alzheimer’s disease.  And they have also focused on increasing the factors that are known to protect the brain from succumbing to all forms of dementia.

Our program for improving brain health and performance is exclusively based on:

  • Research done by the Centers neurologists and institutes from Sarasota and around the world, which we have integrated into our brain health assessments, protocols and practices.
  • Close attention to medical conditions that are known to compromise the integrity of the brain
  • Specific therapeutic and lifestyle interventions that promote brain health and brain reserve

Each client receives a comprehensive assessment and customized brain health plan designed to reduce the impact of risk factors associated with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and also increase factors know to protect against the condition.

The Alzheimer’s Dementia Risk Assessment Index (ADRI) becomes our objective measure of how well clients are progressing with their brain health goals.

Each brain health plan includes the services of a Personal Brain Health coach skilled in facilitating and motivating positive change.

Our staff works closely with the client’s primary care physician and specialists.

Continuing education, updates and support enables us to keep our clients and families up to date with the latest practical information about brain health.