The Center for Brain Health offers a Continuum of Care for our clients with more progressive dementia and needing in-home support.  Our nurses integrate each client’s Brain Health Plan into the care planning enabling the continuity of services supporting brain health.

Youthful Aging Home Health has been providing services to the Sarasota Community for over 23 years.  We offer a concierge style service enabling highly personalized care and our complete attention to your needs.

The Benefits of a Limited Service

By limiting the number of clients we serve, we ensure each person receives the utmost care and personalized attention. With our signature Match.Care process, you have the ability to select the caregiver who best suits your family’s needs. Then you can relax, assured in the knowledge that your caregiver will adhere to our strict quality standards while providing the precise level of care you’ve specified.

Caregivers form the foundation of Youthful Aging’s service. Their expertise and compassion are the cornerstones of the care we provide.

When it comes to finding a caregiver for your loved one, we recognize the importance of finding the perfect fit. Our unique Match.Care process allows you to choose your own caregiver from our extensive list of highly skilled and carefully evaluated providers. You answer a series of questions about your loved one’s goals, the types of assistance required, and the qualities you’d want to see in an ideal caregiver. Then, you interview potential providers to find the one who best suits your family’s needs, and with whom you feel most comfortable.

Once you’ve made your selection, our Nursing Instructor will individually train your caregiver to your specifications. The Instructor will provide continuous oversight and guidance to ensure your caregiver consistently adheres to our strict quality and accountability standards. Our Registered Nurses will make complimentary supervisory visits to ensure your total satisfaction.

Special Services

Where Youthful Aging surpasses other home health companies is in the vast range of supplementary services we provide. These programs are designed to meet our clients’ entire spectrum of health and cognitive needs, and ensure that families are able to play a central role in their loved one’s care.

·         Art Therapy

·         Brain Fitness

·         Nutritional Therapy

·         Physical Therapy/Personal Trainers

·         Cognitive Therapy

·         Music & Memories

·         Hospital to Home

·         Respite/Vacation Care


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