The Center for Brain Health keeps abreast of the latest research and advances supporting brain health.  Our focus is improving our client’s brain performance by intervening to modify or reduce the impact of medical risk factors that are known to compromise the health and integrity of the brain, while increasing the attributes and factors that protect the brain. 

We are able to help our clients reach their goals because of the experience, quality and commitment of our entire team.

Our Medical Director is one of Sarasota’s foremost neurologists.  He is responsible for supervising our nurse practitioner and maintaining her skills in neurology and brain health; providing diagnostic consults; overseeing the brain health planning process. 

Our ARNP is specially trained in cognitive neurology and brain health.  She coordinates initial evaluations and identifies the medical conditions known to compromise brain health and integrity. She shares the Center for Brain Health’s assessment and findings with the client’s primary care physician and works collaboratively with them to modify medical conditions known to be risk factors for memory loss or dementia. 

In addition, she coordinates the services that support brain reserve and brain health provided by the Center’s specially trained nutritionist, physical therapist and cognitive therapist.   Our team works together to customize each brain health plan in support of brain reserve and improve brain performance.